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Truly a company unlike I’ve ever encountered before, Fourge Social is a team of creative and passionate individuals who work together in community to fourge ahead (no pun intended) into new areas of social media marketing. I’ve been fortunate enough to be with this rad...

Your boss comes to you saying, they'd like to see an outline of the company's social media content for the next year. Before panicking, read these tips!

I am usually one to try and look on the bright side and try my best to keep a positive outlook as I move throughout each day. I have learned, and have seen the benefits, of finding the positive in different scenarios. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff or get w...

If you are a business or organization, you likely have one of these goals:

  • Sell products

  • Promote services

  • Gain subscribers

  • Acquire volunteers

  • Collect donations

  • Hire staff

How do you sell yourself to your target audience to reach these g...

When creating social media advertising campaigns for our clients, the top and often first question we get is how much should be invested. The answer is and should never be the same for anyone. However, the way to an answer is similar. Just like in any situation where y...

It’s no surprise to any social media user that every platform is saturated with content, but how do we cut through the noise? Luckily, history has presented us with masters of producing original work and their art holds all of their secrets.

When the topic of social media comes up, the term “influencer” often follows. Much, if not all, of the success of these influencers is due to Instagram. Whether as an individual or a business, if you want to have an influence on your audience, consider these five key c...

As the newest Social Media Account Manager at Fourge, I spent my summer learning about all kinds of things from social media to advertising to client industries. One of the unexpected lessons I’ve learned is how to find inspiration. Working with clients from different...

As the current President of Kendall Hunt Publishing and Fourge Social I was reflecting on how our family of companies started and why.  In both cases each company was started because someone like Wm. C. Brown Company in the case of Kendall Hunt and myself in the case o...

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