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It’s time to talk about what may not be the most glamorous part of the job, but one of the most important parts: data analysis. As our client’s know, one of the many perks to working with Fourge Social is the extensive reporting that we offer our clients every month.

These reports are beneficial to our clients, but even more so to us on the Fourge team. Analyzing reports each month allows us to improve our results by taking a close look at what worked and what didn’t work as well as we had hoped. We are always striving to learn more about our clients’ audiences and grow their businesses more effectively with the use of this information.

One recent success stemming from closely analyzing results came from A/B testing advertising on different platforms. Sure, you could promote ads on what platform you THINK does best, but, it’s important to back up your thinking with real data that identifies the detailed audience demographics and where they are most active. This particular test was between Facebook and LinkedIn. For this particular client, important platforms to be active on included Facebook and LinkedIn. While both important, they continued to prove different purposes.

In order to determine what platform was truly the most successful when marketing certain products, the same product promotion was posted on both Facebook and LinkedIn with similar ad budgets, the same graphic, and same ad copy to keep things as consistent as possible.

Through detailed targeting, we were able to market the product to extremely relevant audiences on both platforms. Going in, Facebook had often performed better on the surface level than the content posted on LinkedIn. However, the A/B test was a success because it showed us that in fact, beyond the surface, LinkedIn was more successful.

The post on Facebook did receive a higher rate of engagement compared to LinkedIn. HOWEVER, the end goal was to drive people to the website to learn more about the product.

  • LinkedIn received 50% more website visits than Facebook and the users stayed, on average, over a minute longer than those visiting from Facebook.

Bottom line, never assume! We will always take the time to test our theories to make sure that ad dollars and efforts are always going towards the platform, creative content, and audiences that produce the most bang for your buck and offer real results.

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