The VALUE in Advertising

Monday morning, post Super Bowl, I turned on the news. I heard the usual topics play out, but what surprised me was this comment.

"It looks like we may see a trend in advertising of businesses promoting their values versus products."

Really? This is just starting to happen? I had to ask myself. This is something we've been encouraging clients at Fourge Social to do over the last 2 years. Several studies in 2017 showed that we could see upwards of 3,000 ads per day. This means that businesses have to differentiate themselves from all of the noise. It also means that consumers do not want to feel like we're being advertised to. We want to use a product or service because we feel like it was our choice to do so; not because an ad on TV or social media said so.

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If you think back over the years of Super Bowls or any other ads you've seen, which ones do you remember? Probably not the one containing a monotone voice-over and a generic image encouraging you to use their product because they have the lowest rates. I'd bet it would be the ones that made you laugh aloud unexpectedly, shed a tear or just actually pay attention. I mean, whatever happen to those great Budweiser frogs, anyway?

What's the point of all this? I am not saying that a company should not promote the reason they have a business. You have to inform your audience about your products and services. The point is how we are delivering the message that matters. Give people a reason to love your products as much as you do. Make them believe in your high-quality service as much as you do. Introduce them to the people behind the brand, not just the brand. When you do, you may be surprised to find that your customer base increases and your retention rate does along with it.

This weekend when you open the newspaper, grab a magazine in line at the store or scroll through your news feed, pay attention to what catches your eye. Also, pay attention to what you wouldn't give a second glance to and make sure it's not your business you're passing up!

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