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Over the last two years I have had the privilege of mentoring and learning from students whose position I once held. With graduation season upon us, dedicating this week's blog post to our Fourge Social interns only made sense; especially as we prepare to welcome one of them into our company full-time after her graduation.

There is a quote by Benjamin Franklin, "Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn." This is the type of internship experience we at Fourge Social strive to provide each student who chooses to spend his or her time with us outside of campus. Students coming through our internship program can expect to be put to work - in the best way. From day 1 our interns are told "you are part of our team, not just an intern." We want every student to walk away from their time at Fourge Social with these goals achieved:

1. Gain a higher level of social media marketing knowledge relating to content management, social advertising, and strategic planning.

2. Understand all facets of marketing involved in developing a true social media strategy.

3. Develop the skills necessary to provide top-quality customer service.

4. Learn the value in going above and beyond your assigned role and responsibilities within a company.

5. Have fun! Enjoy every day at the office as much as possible and know that your contributions matter.

Fourge Social has been very lucky to work with our local colleges, especially Loras College, to find interns. We've found that communication is key when trying to find the right students. The staff at Loras College has worked with us to not only find students who would benefit from our internship program, but also matching us with individuals who are what our growing company needs.

"Fourge has done an amazing job in helping us reach out and gain new followers on social media. Their staff has been so kind and amazingly supportive in taking the time to get to know us and our mission and tailoring their efforts to appeal to our audience." - Jennifer Weber, Academic Internship Coordinator, Loras College

Younger generations have a tendency to get a bad rap these days, especially with what is said about the millennial generation. I can state with full certainty that the five interns we have had are the exception to any of that. Anna Johnson, a senior at Loras College and soon-to-be-graduate, has been with Fourge Social since April 2016. In her two years with us she has continuously impressed our team taking on any tasks given to her, jumping in to take on clients of her own, and influencing our operations. We are beyond thrilled to welcome Anna on board full-time this June as a Creative Content Strategist/Social Media Account Manager!

One characteristic of our interns that has astounded each of us, is their eagerness and willingness to participate in work functions which take place outside of their regular hours. Natalie Droeske, Social Media Intern, is no exception to this. She began working with us in January 2018 and shows no lack of enthusiasm in her role. From impressive content writing skills to an upbeat attitude, we've enjoyed watching her growth in just a short amount of time and look forward to her staying with us this summer.

"My experience as a Fourge Social intern could not be more complete. In a very short period of time I’ve learned not only the importance of having a solid social media presence but also how to create and maintain that presence, as well through carefully crafted copy, engaging images and graphics, and targeted contact strategy. These are all skills that are beneficial in the future both personally and professionally." - Natalie Droeske, Social Media Intern

To share another quote, "The expert in anything was once a beginner." Whether you are a student reading this, recent graduate, human resources professional or manager, I encourage you to remember that quote. If we're lucky, we get to be the beginners more than once in life because it means we are learning something new. The time we invest in our students today solidifies a brighter tomorrow for them and our companies. On behalf of all of us at Fourge Social, thank you to our interns for teaching us as much as we have taught you! #FourgeAhead

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