Man’s Best Friend or Social Media Influencer?

Americans obsession with social media has taken a weird turn. Non-human things on Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram has become the hottest trend. Dogs on Instagram have personalities, slogans, other dog friends, merchandise, and more - all followed by a loyal fandom. There are even a few pupper accounts that are verified! So what is the phenomenon with following non-human things on social media?

One word: entertainment. Many of these accounts create a humorous and non-confrontational tone when posting. @dog_feelings has managed to rack up 1.4 million followers, become verified on Twitter, create other characters - including his “stuffed fren Sebastian”, and more. This account even leverages GoFundMe fundraisers for animals in need all across the world. Who can argue something like this? One way this Twitter page has gained fans is by using a distinct tone when tweeting. His human uses very short sentences with periods in places we normally wouldn’t put them. If you’re a follower of this account, you could read this tweet and know that it’s coming from @dog_feelings:

Forbes has even created a list of the Top Pet Influencers. One of their top pets, Hamlet the Piggy, has an online merchandise store. Yes, a PIG sells branded sweatshirts, pins, tanks, and tees. Do you follow any famous furry influencers? If the answer is yes, did you buy any merch?

But it’s not just our four-legged friends that are making an appearance. A different type of inanimate object has also found its way onto social media.

Brands are obviously on Twitter. But, another dimension companies have tapped into is having their mascot or “face of the brand” have a personality, as well. MoonPie, for example, is a marshmallow dessert that can be purchased in many grocery stores. The personality it portrays on Twitter is a confident, humorous, and current tone, dripped in irony and sarcasm.

Would you ever have thought you would be following a chocolate pie on Twitter? Me neither. But with this account, MoonPie – even though they have only ever sold one type of product – has managed to rack up almost 250,000 followers in a few years with the help of a social media agency. In September 2017, MoonPie sales were the highest on record in the company’s 100-year history!

So the famous question is: How do you monetize something like this? In short, building your audience is the first step. Keeping a similar tone through all posts while still being authentic, fresh, and fun can assist in attracting your audience and keeping them interested and following an account. One way to do this is by taking the next step and hiring a social media agency (Think Fourge Social) like MoonPie did!

Fourge Social positions companies to move forward and upward in their business market through social media sites. We are dedicated to using platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and beyond, to provide our customers expert solutions to their digital marketing needs by simplifying the complicated.

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