Getting paid to play on Facebook?

Recently, I shared on my personal social media channels that I have been accepted as a new board member to the National Institute of Social Media Advisory Board. Amid the congratulations and well wishes of comments, one stood out. While I know that this person meant no harm or ill by their comment, it is a statement we hear much too often in our industry. See Exhibit A below.

When I saw this comment come through, I cringed and shook my head. Ah, yes, the assumption that anything to do with a job in social media means that you kick your feet up all day, scrolling through news feeds and liking funny cat memes. Sure, we obviously utilize these platforms for businesses. However, there is so much work, creativity, and strategic planning that constantly goes into social media management that many still do not realize.

As a team of social media experts, we are constantly on the go - physically and mentally. In fact, just this Thursday I found myself pausing to look around our office. It was like we had an imaginary rotating office door. At one point 3 of us were returning from a client meeting, while two were leaving and going in opposite directions. In order to capture real content, we have to be "in the field" at times which means attending events, visiting our clients' business locations or searching for real photos and videos to take and transform into amazing content.

Let's see what is all included in a typical Fourge team members' week? Well, there's client meetings, writing copy, designing graphics, editing videos, building brands and strategies, creating and managing ad campaigns, brainstorming, internal meetings, training ourselves and others, scheduling and communicating with audiences across all channels and industries. Oh, and did I mention social media does not take a weekend? That means that in our world, we are always on. In order to make sure a business account is on top of real-time conversations from their online audience, we are monitoring comments, messages and keeping track of interactive posts, such as giveaways. Social media management is a 24/7 job.

Please do not interpret that last paragraph as me saying that social media managers are busier than anyone else. We do it because we love it. In our world, we know that the busy is necessary to be successful. I forgot to mention that included in a typical week for us is also establishing new relationships, building connections, inspiring communities of people, telling and sharing stories, bringing brands to life through creative messaging and living out what we call #beyondthepost.

Going #beyondthepost means exactly what my point of this blog is; to be more than a post on Facebook. Everything we do at Fourge and as social media experts is done so with the intent of creating relationships online that turn into real customers, face-to-face clients, new opportunities and, hopefully, smiles to people's faces.

As I step down from my soap box, I will leave you with this thought. The next time you are on your social media channel of choice and an ad or post comes across your feed that you click on, pause and ask yourself this: "Why am I clicking on this right now?" As you ponder that, keep this answer in mind - because a team of social media experts worked very hard to craft just the right copy to pair with the perfect image or video, to peak your interest or play on your emotions, in order to inform you of that message.

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