Building a Brand: Pixel by Pixel

Building a brand can be a tough task for a new business owner. Before any sort of marketing efforts can take place, you must decide what your brand will look like, literally. In order to assist your business in standing out in the crowd, it's important to have a logo that accurately represents just that. Here is a step by step guide how to construct an effective logo for an up-and-coming business.


Before any design of the actual logo can even begin it's important to know the ins and outs of the client’s business and what their future marketing to potential clientele will look like. To start, what sets them apart from their competition? What about their business makes them unique? Capitalize on that. Having a strong differentiating factor not only distinguishes them, it makes the brand that much stronger and more unique. Represent this aspect visually to create a strong first impression.


This is the stage where you put it all on the table. Every thought you have for a potential idea should be sketched or written down. Start by making very basic sketches for each potential marking that you see as aligning with

their business.

No idea should be left out, because who knows, once it's on paper you may find that it fits closer with their future trademark than you initially thought. Once you have a large amount of potential ideas, narrow it down and choose which direction best suits their brand.


This is where the client gets to see their new logo thus far. Take the time to walk them through your process and explain why you made the choices you did throughout the development process and take the time to truly listen to your client’s feedback. Try not to get defensive, because in the creative realm, it’s incredibly easy to automatically keep your guard up when discussing something you poured hours of time into creating. Take criticism, learn from your mistakes, and use the feedback to improve your design and better yourself for future projects.


After you receive feedback, go back to your design and make the appropriate adjustments. Sometimes, after talking with a client, you may even notice something that could be improved on your own. Rarely does a designer get it 100% right on the first try so if you find you need to take an entirely different approach, don’t be afraid to backtrack.


After you make your revisions and you and the client reach a final product you’re both happy with, properly package your logo and send the finished material to your client. When the logo is complete, take pride in your work. Think of it as the first impression a potential customer has with your client’s business; memorable, timeless, and enjoyable. Take the time to appreciate your visual contribution to the newly established brand’s success.

There’s a lot that rides on a company’s logo; you must encompass all your business has to offer into a single icon. Especially for budding business, this can be the single most important decision you make as the owner. Trust the experts in all things digital branding and schedule a consultation with Fourge Social today!

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