The Entrepreneurial Spirit: How we #FourgeAhead

As the current President of Kendall Hunt Publishing and Fourge Social I was reflecting on how our family of companies started and why. In both cases each company was started because someone like Wm. C. Brown Company in the case of Kendall Hunt and myself in the case of Fourge Social saw a need in the marketplace and decided to try and fill it. Having started in sales for Kendall Hunt Publishing Company, I have always appreciated the entrepreneurial spirit that the Editor position requires. As I moved through the company I found that this spirit wasn’t just relegated to the Editor position but was threaded throughout the organization. Mark Falb, our CEO, has encouraged this line of thinking in everything that we do.

Fourge was born out of my frustration in the marketplace when trying to find help with Kendall Hunt’s social media marketing. I wanted someone that truly understood our business to the degree that they could make suggestions, create content, and become not only an expert in social media but a valuable extension of our marketing team. In my search for outside firms to do this, I was disheartened with what I was able to find. There were a plethora of companies out there willing to help, but none of them wanted to take the time to learn our business and be a true partner. What they essentially were offering was a release schedule for posts but we were left to create all the content for the posts even though that was the help we needed. We needed someone to tell us what type of content typically does better with social media versus traditional marketing.

At that point, I thought that many other companies must be having the same issue and thus Fourge Social was born. Acting with the spirit of pure entrepreneurship, we set out to be different from the rest by becoming a real partner, an extension of the companies we work with. We wanted to spend the time with clients to understand the unique needs of their marketplace and then find creative ways to deliver content through social media to accomplish what they were intending.

We are blessed in our family of companies that an entrepreneurial spirit is still cherished and celebrated.


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