Coffee & Copy: Finding inspiration

As the newest Social Media Account Manager at Fourge, I spent my summer learning about all kinds of things from social media to advertising to client industries. One of the unexpected lessons I’ve learned is how to find inspiration. Working with clients from different industries means that I’m constantly searching for new ways to engage and motivate various audiences. Here are a few of the things I do if I need inspiration!

Get Out of My “Normal” Workspace

Your surroundings can influence how you’re thinking about a problem or topic. Sometimes, I need to physically leave the office to be inspired. My favorite place to work outside of the office is Charlotte’s Coffee House in Dubuque. The combination of the sights, sounds and smells breathes new life into what I’m doing, inspiring me to write from a different angle.

Keep My Eyes and Ears Open

On one of my recent coffee shop work sessions, I was writing content for a client that does interior design when a couple young women came in for breakfast. I heard them talk about getting back to Chicago, and quickly the conversation turned to interior design! They were describing the styles each client wanted, the type of space they were creating, throwing around adjectives that I had never considered using before. I frantically wrote down everything they were saying for future use. (Hey, eavesdropping doesn’t always have to be a bad thing!) This is just one example of why it’s so important to keep your eyes and ears open when searching for inspiration. If I had put my headphones in and tuned out the world, I wouldn’t have been inspired by this great conversation.

Jot It Down

Have an idea but it doesn’t quite make sense yet? Write it down! I keep an electronic sticky note for each of my clients on my desktop where I write down ideas for content, advertising, images and more. Whether or not it makes sense, I write it down, because it may connect to something later on that I never expected. I frequently revisit these notes to get the creative juices flowing. If electronic sticky notes aren’t your thing, keep a notebook, a notes document on your phone, actual sticky notes, or whatever works best for you!

Inspiration can come at any time if you are open to it! Fourge Social’s team acts as an idea factory for each client. We are constantly looking for inspiration opportunities. If you feel stuck in a rut when it comes to social media, logo design, event promotion or more, schedule a consultation today!

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