Upping Your Instagram Game: The 5 keys to a kickbutt profile

When the topic of social media comes up, the term “influencer” often follows. Much, if not all, of the success of these influencers is due to Instagram. Whether as an individual or a business, if you want to have an influence on your audience, consider these five key components to up you Instagram game.

The Basic Bio.

They say it takes seven seconds to make a first impression, and you can never get it back. The same is true for your Instagram profile. When someone visits your profile, the first thing they notice aside from your name and handle is your profile picture. Does it fit in the frame? What is it? Is it your logo, your storefront, or some other photo? Your profile picture is the image that will represent your profile and business as a whole as you navigate Instagram. Be sure it’s a good one.

Your name and username need to be fairly self-explanatory. Make sure they, your username especially, are relevant and descriptive of you and your business. Similarly, your profile is a direct extension of your business. You have 150 characters to summarize all you have to offer in your profile bio. While this is a Twitter-lover’s dream, it can be a daunting task. Be concise. Be creative. Be relatable. Your website and contact information is right below this section, so if you pique the interest of a potential customer with your bio, you can direct them to your website or to start a conversation or make a purchase.

The Overall Aesthetic.

As we’ve established, your profile is an extension of your brand. Keep this in mind when taking and posting photos, selecting filters, and writing captions. Visitors to your profile should be able to deduce what your company is just by looking through the photos and videos you posts. Pull back and take an outsider’s perspective every now and then to see how your photos look next to each other in the grid. Be sure to stand true to your brand message and colors, especially when crafting Instagram stories.

Did Someone Say Storytime?

One of Instagram’s newer features, relatively speaking, is the Instagram story. Like Snapchat, this allows you to post in-the-moment updates that are active on your profile for 24 hours and 24 hours only. Stories are great for showcasing events, company culture, and the day-to-day goings on of your company. Instagram stories provide an extra social space beyond your grid. Test out ideas, communicate directly with your followers, and pose questions or polls all on your Instagram story!

Say Hi to the Highlights!

While a story only sticks around for a day, you do have the option to “pin it” to your profile, so to speak. Adding to and

updating your Instagram highlights save the stories you specify to your profile for use in a slideshow under different categories. Group your best stories together into different highlights.

Does your business center on annual events? Do you only have a handful of products or services? Have a set of core values on which your business operates? Use the basis of your business to cultivate your Instagram highlights. Don’t forget a branded cover photo for each one!

Small Things Make Big Differences.

Finally, expand the reach of your posts and stories by using hashtags and tagging your location. Instagram users are able to search, track, and explore new locations and hashtagged topics so utilizing these elements can help elevate your reach on the platform.

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