Keep on the Sunny Side, Always on the Sunny Side

I am usually one to try and look on the bright side and try my best to keep a positive outlook as I move throughout each day. I have learned, and have seen the benefits, of finding the positive in different scenarios. Life is too short to sweat the small stuff or get worked up about something out of your control. To me, it always seems like wasted energy and unnecessary negativity to stress about things that, in the big picture, aren’t really a big deal at all. Focusing on the positive in both personal and professional settings leads to a more realistic big picture view and less stress.

With our heightened political climate and seemingly growing “gotcha” culture, social media can seem to drag us down and bring out the negative in different stories and situations. Here are some tips to keep your social media a fun place to connect with friends and family and learn about the world around you.

1. Find what makes you happy and follow it.

This advice can obviously extend far behind our social media platforms, but it is important there too! With negative forces on social media platforms, find the ones that make you happy and build you up, not tear you down. There are numerous pages dedicated solely to spreading lighthearted, positive, or funny content. Pages like my personal favorites Upworthy and Humans of New York are on a mission to make their mark on social media with content showing positive, real stories about real people.

Aside from pages likes these, find accounts and other people that share things that interest you. Join groups that support your goals or hobbies. Positive, engaging communities will create a fun social media experience rather than one that seems to bring only negative news and information.

2. Clean house.

While I am a supporter of healthy conversation and debate, especially when it results in personal growth and learning about the world around you, there are always people you will not see eye to eye with. AND, there are people among this group that are particularly active when it comes to using social media as a driver to share their opinions. Facebook in particular offers lots of tools to give yourself a break, for your own sake, if necessary. You can unfollow people on social media while still remaining connected, or you can take a break from seeing certain people’s content or updates.

It’s never easy to totally say goodbye to relationships, even on social media, but do what is best for you. If you identify a page or person that has become a source of negativity, don’t be afraid to disconnect. This may not always come in the form of negative content either, but if it has an overall negative effect, then it’s best to move on.

3. Watch your screen time.

There is no doubt that spending too much time on social media is unhealthy. Even we, the social media account managers at Fourge Social, have our own boundaries set in place so we can continue to love what we do each and every day. Limiting screen time and spending more time enjoying the moments you are living out brings with it elevated moods and lots of laughter with those around you care about most.

What do you do to make social media a positive space? Do you have accounts that bring a smile to your face when their content pops up on your newsfeed?


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