4 tips for taking photos of your family while you're home

I love when families take photos of each other at home doing everyday tasks!  One of my favorite kinds of sessions we do is at home family sessions where we share a couple of hours with a couple or a family documenting everything that happens in their house on a normal day.  You can do this on your own right now!  Here are a few tips that might help.

  1. Find the good light in your house.  For us, there are just a few places in our home where the light is super pretty (and that changes as the sun moves throughout the day).  

  2. Windows will be your best friend if you use them right.  Most of the time, you want the subject of your image to be facing a window so the scene is lit evenly.  However, there are always situations where it's okay to break that rule in exchange for not disrupting a scene.  Backlit images can be especially pretty in black and white.   And if nothing else, take some photos outside.  

  3. Try not to have your camera out all the time (or your phone).  While you want to document your everyday family life, it's important you savor these moments too and being behind the camera nonstop will take you out of the moment.  Choose to use your camera one or two times each day and keep it put away for the rest of the time.  

  4. Print your photos!!!  You know how much we believe in the power of printed images.  There are a lot of apps you can find that let you design simple books with the images on your cell phone.  Check them out and use them so that these images don't just sit on your phone and get forgotten.  You could even choose a clever title for your book like "COVID Chronicles".

We are wishing you all safety and joy!  Love, Cathy and Jeff West

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