8 Social Media Content Ideas and Best Practices

At one of our recent team meetings, two of our SMAMs, Natalie and Jess, shared some helpful content ideas that are often overlooked. After writing content month after month, do you ever find yourself in a rut? You’re not alone. Read on to discover 8 social media content writing tips to keep pushing out high-performing content.

1. Use last year’s content. Look over last year’s content calendar for the upcoming month and see what can be repurposed. Look back at the analytics and see which posts performed well and which didn’t. Update as needed based on current goals and dates.

2. Use your community of pages. Take any chance you can to share user generated content (UGC) as it is 5x more likely to create conversions than professionally written content.

  • Utilize customer reviews to create testimonial posts or graphics.

  • Share mentionable moments in reports so that you can use them for posts later on.

  • Share answers to frequently asked questions.

  • Interview employees about their experiences and break up each question into separate posts as employee highlights.

  • Search your company’s location tag or any relevant hashtags to find even more UGC.

3. Draw inspiration from your competitors. Holiday verbiage, for instance, can be tricky to keep fresh. Peek at how other accounts tackle these types of holidays and other similar situations. You can also look at competitors to see what does well in your industry and what to avoid.

4. Pay attention to the subscription emails. Fourge Social subscribes to a variety of tools like Hootsuite and Canva. Companies like these often include industry tips, case studies, and news in their email campaigns that can be very helpful in creating successful content.

5. Tie it back into your strategy. If your goal is more engagement, make sure that you are posting copy with a strong call to action or a website link. To ensure that your content stays aligned with your original goals, lay out content themes for each post prior to writing up the monthly post copy.

6. Storytelling. Longer form content is coming back on Instagram, LinkedIn and Facebook. Your audience loves to hear the stories behind your brand so tell them! However, be sure to start out with a hook to get them engaged in what you are saying.

7. Post gamified content. When everyone was home last year, gamified content grew quickly in popularity. Posting an Instagram story, for instance, with games such as bingo, this or that, etc. is a fun way to get your audience to engage with your content and share their results.

8. In-the-moment posts. Although a lot of social media is planned out nowadays, it is still often used to get out information to your audience. If something comes up and you decide to post something in-the-moment, take a peek at what you have scheduled and bump it to a later date to allow proper spacing between posts.

Here at Fourge Social we pride ourselves in staying up to date on the best practices for social media to put out top performing content. If your company needs help running their social media pages, our team at Fourge Social houses the experts for you. Contact us today!

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