8 Tips to Capture your Audience's Attention in 8 Seconds

As social media marketers, we all know the main goal is to stop the scroll. The most important thing about social media is getting the attention of your audience and keeping it for long enough to either make a sale, generate brand awareness, or whatever else your goal may be. On social media, you have limited time to capture your audience’s attention, so you need to quickly stand out and make a good impression. How can your business stand out among the other brands competing for users’ attention?

  1. Short post copy. Nobody wants to read paragraphs when they are scrolling. When it comes to copy, the shorter, more direct the better.

  2. Make your content searchable. Hashtags are your friend. Use keywords that are tailored to your target audience. This will allow users to stumble upon your brand, discover your content, and become a potential customer, all with some simple tactics.

  3. Post effective, eye-catching images. Make sure to include either a link preview or a graphic or photograph with each post, as it has been proven that people notice these posts more than ones with only text. Invest quality time or budgeting towards professional quality photography and well-branded graphic design. People will notice the professionalism and see your brand as an established, trustworthy company.

  4. Include a Call-to-Action. Being very direct about what you want will provide great results compared to lengthy, wordy copy that loses the attention of your audience. Try to use action words in your call-to-action to quickly convey the goal of your post.

  5. Ask engaging questions. Whether it be a rhetorical question or one that prompts users to respond, it causes the users to think about an issue within their lives that they could use a solution to. Your post copy should provide the solution or explain how your product/service can provide the solution to their problem.

  6. Analyze your competitors. It is important to analyze what your competitors are doing to either mirror what they’re doing well or make yourself stand out by doing something different.

  7. Use movement in visuals. This includes GIFS and videos. Having some sort of motion helps to catch an individual’s attention and usually provides better results than static images, especially in engagement.

  8. Make it personal. Include consumer-generated content such as testimonials and pictures from customers themselves in order to relate to potential customers. When users see content that is more personal, people tend to resonate with it more. Focus on the benefit the customer will have with whatever you’re promoting is key, after all, it’s all about them.

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