8 Tips to Effectively Manage Social Media

Social media is overwhelming even for the most seasoned marketing experts. Every day there seems to be a new trend, tool, or platform to learn. On top of that, technology always comes with its own delays or issues to workaround. Our team of experts at Fourge Social knows all of this firsthand as we navigate the ever-changing world of social media 24/7 for our agency and clients.

Recently, we reflected on the last year since the pandemic entered our world. We’ve seen our change of work environment from the office to home present new opportunities for growth, improvement, and maximizing time, both as a whole and as individuals. That said, we are always looking at how we can do more, be better, and get back a little time each week to reach our goals. In our most recent Friday Zoom call, we discussed our morning routines and how every decision, big or small, potentially influenced the rest of our daily schedule. This conversation was inspired by the book, Atomic Habits. Author James Clear elaborates on the theory of systems versus focusing only on our end-goals. The approach of looking at what it takes to get to our goals determines how successful we will be.

If you are in the social media industry, you are well aware of the constant interruptions or unexpected requests in your day. These range from new client requests, checking and replying to notifications, training yourself in-the-moment as Facebook changes what worked in an ad yesterday but no longer works today, and so on. As a team, Fourge Social looked at how we can anticipate the unanticipated. Here are our tips on managing social media around the clock without always being on the clock!

  1. Create a monthly process. At Fourge we have a specific time of the month when we run monthly reports, write content calendars, design, and schedule content. Make this process known to your clients so they know what to expect. It helps you plan your month too.

  2. Set expectations. Starting with number one, communicate what a client can look forward to in their package from you daily, weekly, and monthly. If you need something from them in a certain timeframe to get it done well, then let them know.

  3. Schedule your time (for everything). Yes, we mean everything, as much as you can. This means, do not leave your Hootsuite, Business Manager, or Email open all day long while you work. Choose the times of day you will designate to replying to email, check notifications, and manage accounts. This will prevent you from getting off track with your priority projects.

  4. Actually DO your to-do list. When you sit down to work each day, have your to-do list in front of you and do exactly what it says. If you followed our advice in number three, you will have time to do the rest of your tasks as they come about in your calendar.

  5. Make your list public for accountability. We use an online app called Trello. We have public to-do lists that we can share with members of the team. This allows us to have others hold us accountable for deadlines and volunteer if they have time to assist.

  6. Delegate when you can. You are ONE person. Even if you are a solo social media manager you can delegate in a way. For example, using tools like Hootsuite for social listening in one place or a quick upload of a content calendar instead of one-by-one posting.

  7. Take breaks to disconnect. Especially over the last year, we have felt screentime overload more than ever. Our work is all online and always there. We tend to close the laptop, only to pick up the cell phone and keep ongoing. Set an intention daily, if you can, to truly disconnect and let your mind be free to wander and rest.

  8. Use the tools. This point expands on number six. There are so many tools available to us in the social media marketing world to assist in automation, ease of workflow assignments, and review of information. If you manage accounts that get messages at all hours of the day, but you as a human enjoy sleeping now and again, ask your client if you can set the page messenger as Away during a specific time of the day. This way, their customers know when to expect a response and you can go about your personal life without the stress of answering messages 24/7.

We would love to hear from you on how these or any other tips help make your #socialmediamanagement role easier. Comment in our blog below or send us a note at info@fourgesocial.com.

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