DIY Wedding Tips Using Social Media

D-I-Ying Your Wedding? You’ve come to the right place!

Wedding planning has always been stressful, especially now when everything is unpredictable. We all know 2020 has been the longest and weirdest year yet! This has made wedding planning unnecessarily harder! However, we have a solution.

Why not D-I-Y your wedding instead? Yes, this seems daunting, but the result is a wedding of your dreams, created by you. Today, we are going to focus on how social media can help turn your dreams into reality!

PLAN to the T

Obviously, we have had our dream wedding planned since we were little, but now it is time to make sure everything is realistic. For me, planning is always an essential first step!

Since we are D-I-Ying, social sites like Pinterest and Instagram are going to be the center of our wedding planning. Finding basic tools to plan your wedding without a professional is easy when you use media sites like Pinterest!

Using these social media platforms can not only help plan a wedding but also help ease anxiety surrounding the big day as it gets closer!


One reason I love Instagram is because of the inspiration it offers! With one simple search, I can find countless tips, tricks, and hacks for D-I-Y weddings.

One way to shrink this search is by using hashtags. For example, when looking into creating your bouquet, use #handmadebouquet or #weddingflowersinspiration.

By narrowing down your search with hashtags, you can find inspiration in any category, like artificial flowers versus real flowers. This will also lead you to awesome, inspiring accounts that regularly post content related to your chosen hashtag.

Use this for every aspect of your wedding planning to find exactly what you want and find new inspiration for something you didn’t know you wanted 😉 !

UTILIZE Social Media

We have already talked about how to narrow your search but what about after you find inspiration and great ideas? Once again, social media can be used!

Now that everything is planned and you have inspiration for your D-I-Y projects, start crafting! Situations like this are where I use social media almost every day. You know exactly what you want, but aren’t quite sure how to do it? Resort to Pinterest!

I have found so much information about wedding D-I-Ying on Pinterest; I often find the ‘how-to’ aspect on Pinterest and see the project in action on Instagram! Pinterest is where I find crafting ideas and directions, but Instagram is where I find the piece worked into a wedding setting.

Use other social sites such as YouTube to find ‘how-tos’ as well! You can also join discussion boards and find tons of blogs about D-I-Y crafting and designing.

Well, there you have it! A few ways social media can help ease wedding stress and give wedding inspiration! From using it to help you plan to use it to teach yourself how to build centerpieces, social media can be a lifesaving tool. And, once it’s all done, you can add your own ideas and designs to the hashtags for future brides!

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