How to Fourge Ahead during the Covid-19 outbreak

The global outbreak of COVID-19 has everyone feeling effects within our businesses and organizations. Fourge Social is working with each of our clients to determine how they will respond to unplanned cancellations, postponed events, business closures, and sales interruptions. Our team knows that having a strong crisis communication plan ready is necessary. We want you to be as prepared as possible. We're sharing our top tips to plan ahead and stay connected during interrupted face-to-face interactions.

Keep your team safe and educated. Follow reliable and credible online sources like the Center for Disease Control and Prevention and the World Health Organization. Your local government and news outlets are more resources to stay up-to-date with as the situation progresses.

Prepare a Crisis Communication Plan. Every business needs one to stay ahead of a possible situation that may arise. While not everything can be planned for, as we are all learning, having a team in place to make decisions is important. Gather your company leaders to discuss how you will respond internally and externally. The CCP should include Social Listening Protocol, Key Decision Makers, Action Plans, and Pre-approved Messages.

Update your customers in real-time. Pre-approved social media messages will help you stay on top of posting updates. Utilize your social media channels to post or direct message followers in response to comments and questions.

Have a back-up plan. Events are being canceled, shipments are being delayed, and business locations are closing for a period of time due to the outbreak. While not everything can be replaced with an online solution, there are opportunities to do so. A few options to consider are setting up a Facebook Shop to boost missed sales, advertise to drive eCommerce via Pinterest, or host your event online instead of in-person within a private Facebook Group or Live Video.

Use your social toolbox. Each social media platform has its own tools available to help your business continue to function despite interrupted face-to-face communication. We named a few in the last point, but there are more. Automated responses in your Messenger app and interacting through live video or polls are just a couple more of many to consider. Not everything is needed or will make sense for your business. Narrow down the necessities to help you keep running.

Call for help. If you are trying to tackle all of this in-the-moment, like most are, it's a lot. The Fourge Social team is prepared to assist you in situations like these when social media and digital solutions are not only helpful but necessary. We are here and available to guide you through an action plan and execute a proper social media strategy. Connect with us here or reach out by calling 800-338-8304.

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