How to Have Productive Meetings

Meetings are essential for business. Whether they’re in person or via phone or video call, they ensure collaboration in the workplace and make up a decent percentage of the workday. An average of 31 hours are spent on unproductive meetings monthly, so how do you make sure you maximize that time? Here are our best tips to make the most of your meetings.

  • Define how often meetings need to be held and who will attend. This will depend on the nature of the meeting. Make sure to set up a calendar invite so people attending know when and where to show up. As part of our packages, Fourge Social meets monthly with each of our clients to review the previous month’s report, highlight successes and identify areas for improvement as well as plan for upcoming months’ content.

  • Create a meeting agenda. Draft up a brief meeting agenda to outline the key points of discussion to send to your attendees prior to the meeting. This way, they can come prepared with any necessary information or materials to contribute.

  • Notes. Notes. Notes. You can never take too make notes! Especially when larger decisions are being made or issues are being discussed, taking high quality notes can make all the difference. For added ease, use the meeting agenda to take notes in during the meeting, You can also send this as a meeting recap email to all who were in attendance. The layout should already be familiar to them from the meeting agenda you sent them prior.

  • Allow time for questions within the allotted meeting time. Invite people to jump in the conversation and contribute through your meeting. This allows for attendees to feel open to asking questions without the fear of running over or into any ensuing meetings.

  • Craft clear action items. Ensure there are specific, actionable items assigned to meeting participants along with time frames or deadlines for when they should be completed. You want to leave the meetings feeling confident that people know what is expected of them by the next meeting.

Good organization and preparation is the key to successful meetings which is also true for social. If you are organized and plan out your content and social media presence, you will be successful. Fourge Social takes care to lead productive meetings with our clients which ultimately result in successful partnerships.

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