How to Host a Virtual Event or Fundraiser

The conditions of our world right now have not changed the need for donations, be they monetary or other, it has only enhanced the need. Organizations that normally would have in-person volunteers or be hosting events to raise money have been unable to have the same interactions. Due to the economic climate, some companies or individuals may need to pull back their annual contributions. We have seen countless fundraising events canceled or rescheduled for the upcoming summer and even the fall months. While face-to-face interaction cannot be replaced with being with others in person, we do have options to supplement as best we can the events we are missing hosting.

If you are a non-profit organization or an individual, looking to continue paused fundraising efforts, create a new event, or will participate in the May 5 #GivingTuesday know there are options to make this happen. Social media and other technology programs have allowed people to stay connected to one another across the globe in these times and before. From Zoom meetings to FaceTime and good “old fashioned” phone calls, we continue to stay in touch and plan for our lives beyond staying home. Platforms, like Facebook, offer an enhanced virtual experience to connect with others anywhere, anytime and tools to make an immediate impact.

Follow the below steps as they pertain to your mission. You will see how so many are still very willing to contribute in any way they can to help your cause.

1. What is your need?

2. Set your goals for this fundraiser.

3. Prepare a timeline for pre, during, and post the event.

4. What resources, human or digital, are needed to make this a success?

5. Do you have a clear communication plan for how you will be accepting contributions?

6. Create a content strategy and calendar to schedule supporting social media posts.

7. How will you update your audience on progress?

8. Understand how you will measure success to review data for future use.

These steps are not very different, if at all, from most of what it takes to host a successful fundraiser or event in “normal” world conditions. You want to set clear goals and expectations before executing an action plan and know how you will measure your success. Fourge Social is here to offer assistance to answer questions to those preparing to host such an event or any other questions within our scope of expertise. We are all in this together and will #FourgeAhead!

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