How to Run a Successful Social Media Contest

Got your attention didn't it? I know you’ve seen them flooding your Facebook newsfeed. “Like, Share, and comment for your chance to win this BOMB prize from this BOMB Company!”

But what does it actually take to run a bomb social media contest? The experts at Fourge Social have run their fair share of them and found a solid formula that seems to work.

Step one: Give the people what they want.

Make sure what you’re giving away as the grand prize is something that your followers would want to win! Seems simple enough, right? Don’t set up your contest for failure from the start by giving away something that isn’t relevant to your Facebook fans. Most of them already “like” your company so a great giveaway would be something from YOU like a gift card to your store or a prize pack of goodies related to your brand.

For example, a former client of ours was a popular area liquor store. Together we ran a contest that featured a cooler, gift card, and snacks as the giveaway item, and we received over 800 responses!

Give the people what they want.

Step two: Get something in return.

What is your goal of this giveaway? Is it to gain more followers? Increase your brand awareness? Get feedback on your business or a product? Just to have a little fun? Base the action part of your giveaway on your goal. If you want to gain more followers, have one of the rules for entry be to simply LIKE your Facebook page and tag a friend to do the same. You can also gain a lot of feedback by asking people to comment their thoughts or opinions. Ask a simple question like “Tell us why you love us!” or “What is your favorite product?” All of this can be useful information for you to use in the future. Keep in mind you can also ask for email address or other contact information upon entry to help build your community of connections.

Step three: Keep. It. Simple.

Yes, people LOVE free stuff but most Facebook users aren’t going to jump through a million hoops to win or even play. If the entry guidelines are too complicated, they’ll keep scrolling on to the next giveaway down the feed. Make sure the rules for entry are clearly stated in your post copy for them to follow (if it’s on the graphic, even better!). Unless it is an elaborate giveaway to a fancy vacation hot spot, keep the entry to win to three easy steps or less.

So that’s it – You’re the winner of the secret formula to the perfect social media contest. Seems simple enough right? You can always contact your social media experts at Fourge Social for help.

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