How to Showcase Your Travels on Social Media

Travel. Something we all miss and cannot wait to get back to once the pandemic is over. One way to occupy your time in quarantine is to plan for a brighter future. Make sure your next trip is unforgettable by documenting it on social media.

Earlier this year I had the amazing opportunity to study abroad in Italy where I was able to travel to different countries each weekend. I documented every step through eye-catching Instagram posts and Facebook updates to share with my family and friends at home.

Here are some tips to get the engagement you desire out of your travels:

Use social media to research and plan your trip. Follow travel bloggers for inspiration and advice to map out your trip’s itinerary. Some of my favorites are @theblondeabroad and @pilotmadeleine on Instagram. Just as social media is a great way to share your experiences, it is also a great way to learn from the experience of others.

Use journaling apps. I knew I wanted a way to document my feelings, stories, and thoughts while traveling. I used a journaling app called, Day One Journal, where I could jot down some notes each day. The app allows you to tag your location and time for each entry. I would type away once I was on public transport or collapsed in my hostel bed for the night.

Take lots of pictures! Seek inspiration for picture ideas from Pinterest to help capture your memories. When traveling to Pisa, my friends and I designated 30 minutes for a photoshoot with the leaning tower. We did our best to recreate lots of funny photos we had pinned on Pinterest. They came out great and once posted to Instagram, did very well with follower engagement.

Share about the culture. Travel is more than just seeing pretty views and putting the pin on the map. Immerse yourself in the culture and food to not only educate yourself but educate others. Share a new dish you discovered or your favorite museum on your story.

Location tags are your friends. Tag your location so your picture will pop up when people are searching through that location tag. This not only informs your audience but also puts you in a better position to be noticed.

Hashtag it up. When it comes to being discovered on social media, hashtags are the way to do it. Research before your trip to compile hashtags, related to your content and popular on that platform, to add

to your captions.

For now, while we cannot see our friends and family, and are limited in our ability to travel, we CAN utilize social media to maintain a connection with those we cherish. I met some lifelong friends while studying abroad that I miss dearly. Instagram and Snapchat have been a great way to stay in touch and get updates, making this big world seem a little smaller.

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