A Social Media Account Manager: An extension of your company

At Fourge Social, we believe that we are an extension of your company. But what does this look like? When we partner with your business, you’re not only getting the expertise of the entire Fourge Social team, you’re getting a dedicated account manager. Your account manager will be your point person behind everything we do to build your business on social media. What does that all encompass? Here is just a snapshot:

  • First Steps & Social Setups. Once you decide to move forward with a partnership with Fourge Social, you will sit down with your Social Media Account Manager (SMAM) and go over the goals you have for your business, what you’d like to see out of our partnership, and the basic ins and outs of your business. Your SMAM will then move forward with a social media facelift and will ensure that your accounts are optimized for maximum success, all before ever posting a thing!

  • Did someone say strategy? A Social Media Strategy (SMS) is at the core of what we do. In our initial meeting, your SMAM will ask all kinds of questions and really get to know your company. Included in your SMS will be what your business goals are, how they translate to social goals, and how we will measure success on social media. This will then shape the content we post on your social media platforms.

  • Content Creation. Once a strategy is set in place, we will begin creating content tailored to each of your social media platforms and their coinciding audiences. This includes post copy, custom images, graphics, photos, videos, articles, and much more. Your SMAM will ensure that the content published to your page(s) is not only relevant to your company’s industry but also tailored to you and your process in a way that is engaging and inspiring.

  • We don’t just set it & forget it… Something we love most about social media is that it offers two-way communication with your target audiences. We don’t just post for you on your social media pages, your dedicated account manager keeps an eye on your page during all hours of the day, responds to messages and comments, answers reviews, and helps build a presence around your account(s).

  • Measuring social success. Your SMAM will be continuously reviewing and analyzing the performance of your social media posts, providing to you a monthly report of analytics and key performance indicators based on what’s been defined in previous discussions. This allows us to constantly be building a better presence for your business.

  • A True Extension of your Company. We truly value every one of our clients and take pride in the relationships we build with you as colleagues and friends. Regular meetings and on-going communication will make it seem as if your SMAM is just down the hall.

Your social media account manager does this and so much more. We make sure to choose someone who will be a good fit for you and your company and we’re always blown away by the quality of content and the genuine relationships each of our SMAMs build. Head over to www.fourgesocial.com/team to meet your next SMAM!

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