Testimonials. You need them. Here’s Why.

One of the best ways to generate leads is through customer testimonials. When people see instances of customer satisfaction, whether that be through reviews, case studies, or written testimonials, they feel more sound about purchasing the product or service being offered. This turns into lead generation because people trust the opinions of other real consumers far more than they trust the biased sales and marketing team, whose job is to talk up the product.

Here are some stats to sell you even more on the power of testimonials.

  • 85% of people trust online reviews as much as recommendations from friends and family.

  • 91% check online reviews before making a purchase.

Read on to learn how you can utilize customer testimonials to generate the leads you need to reach your business’s revenue and profit goals.

Use written testimonials. Once you have a well-established customer relationship, ask them about their experiences working with you. The key is taking their responses and then turning them into quoted testimonials or story-based case studies to show prospective customers what they have to look forward to!

Use video testimonials. We have found that video content attracts far more attention than written copy. You can create these from customer-generated content by asking customers to send in videos or ask customers to come in and film a more professional-looking video. However, the latter can come off as too produced and not as natural or authentic as customer-filmed clips, which you want to avoid.

Feature the product in action. The most effective testimonials refer to how the product or service was used in your customer’s personal lives. This is important because it allows leads to picture how the product or service can be useful in their own lives, making them more apt to purchase.

Post testimonials regularly. The more times potential customers can see the results of the products or services that you provide, the better. Try to keep up with posting a few testimonials a month.

Make testimonials trustworthy. A big part of what makes testimonials work is the authenticity behind them. If possible, try to tag the actual reviewer so that people know it was a legitimate review. In the end, these leads just want to see honest, real experiences from real people.

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