Top Fans: The Heart of Your Audience


While Facebook Badges are nothing new, historically, they’ve functioned almost exclusively as tools in active Facebook groups, they’re beginning to more openly on business pages. Most recently, our #FourgeTeam has seen an increase in the number of Top Fans – and corresponding badges – appear on our pages.

A business page’s Top Fans are identified as those who are most active on a page. They’re the ones you can count on to share the video that hours of work went into, comment on the birthday posts, and like everything within an hour of posting it.

Most social strategies are centered on audience growth; the idea being to generate new customers or clients for your business that are like to convert or create revenue. And while growing your audience should certainly play a key role in your social media strategy, we can’t forget about our old, faithful because let’s face it, our engagement levels would be nowhere near as high, word-of-mouth would be lower, and overall the Facebook algorithm wouldn’t be working nearly as well for your business, organically at least.

This is why we want to spend a little time talking about Top Fans and how you can show them some love on social media and say how much you appreciate their support.

  • The first is simple – engage with them on social media. Like their comments and shoot them a “thanks” when they comments on your employee happy birthday post. This is one of the things we like best about social media: it creates a space for two-way communication. Use it!

  • If they stop into your business, feature them in your content. If you own a clothing store and they just bought a new top, snap a photo and share it on social! We all now photos and videos can go a long way and we’re sure they’d enjoy the spotlight. See if they’d be willing to do a testimonial, review, or video next time they’re in or whenever they can stop by. If they’re not so local…

  • Create a VIP/fan group. Offer this exclusive group of your Top Fans first dips on new merchandise, offer special sales codes, or simply just start a conversation and get to know them. There’s probably a reason they’re one of your Top Fans. Find out what it is.

It’s not uncommon to get caught up in the number of new page likes or generating fresh page views. And while growing your audience is a very crucial part of social media marketing, let’s not forget about our faithful fans.

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