Twitter as a Sales Tool

We can all relate to feeling a sense of disconnect due to the pandemic, as there is little to no face-to-face interaction with customers and colleagues. Trying to find ways to reach out and network despite COVID-19 has proven difficult. Technology is a great way to stay in touch during these strange times. Twitter is a great ongoing solution to create and foster those relationships that may seem to have been put on hold.

Twitter is a service for friends, family, and coworkers to communicate and stay connected through the exchange of quick, frequent messages, called “tweets”. Tweets may contain photos, videos, links, and text. These messages are posted to your profile, seen by your followers, and are searchable via keywords and hashtags. You can also share other users' tweets, by “retweeting” them.

In a survey we ran, we found that just over half of the respondents use Twitter. Many have been missing out on the key benefits that come from utilizing Twitter for their business.

Here’s why some have strayed away from Twitter:

  • Already have enough social distractions

  • Use it only as a resource

  • Don’t think anyone would find what they have to say interesting

  • Never learned how to use it

  • Too hostile or political

Here’s what Twitter can do for your business:

  • Foster relationships

  • Generate leads

  • Share relevant news and information

  • An immediate tool to say “thank you”

  • Publish accomplishments

  • Engage with coworkers and industry leaders

To get started, here are some tips on Twitter best practices.

  1. Hashtags. Including hashtags in your tweets makes it easier for users to stumble upon your account and learn more about your company.

  2. Mentions. Reply to company, employee, and other accounts’ Tweets. Tag the people and accounts that you are working with.

  3. Perfect your profile. Be sure that your profile is filled out in its entirety allowing potential customers to learn more about you. Include a professional headshot, cover photo, title & region as well as filling out your profile description.

  4. Post with purpose. Share relevant industry news & information, engage with your audience through polls or questions, promote events, webinars, and new products. Link the product page/where they can learn more.

Many have been missing out on the beneficial opportunities that Twitter can provide for a company. Twitter is a great platform to get involved with as it fosters relationships, generates leads, allows you to share relevant news and info as well as publish accomplishments. Engaging with customers and other industry leaders is easy to accomplish thanks to Twitter. Whether you are just getting started on Twitter or already have an account, we have provided great tips to promote your business and engage your customer base.

If you've realized your company needs a Twitter strategy or refresh of its account branding, contact Fourge Social and we will be more than happy to work with you!

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