Use DM's Successfully for Business

Navigating the uncharted territory of direct messages (DMs) can be unnerving for many. It’s hard to know how best to utilize the tools given to us by social media platforms when they aren’t clearly laid out. Luckily, we gathered some tips and tricks on how to take advantage of the DM features for platforms such as Instagram and Facebook.

Message Requests

It seems like they intentionally hide the message requests on Instagram. As recently seen by musician T-Pain, a lot of Instagram users don’t know about this aspect of direct messaging. Message requests are messages from users who you don’t follow, so you have to be intentional about checking this every so often. When you go to your DMs, they appear in the top right corner in a light blue color. If you don’t have any requests, this area will be blank. Staying on top of this as a business can make customers feel like they’re being heard by you.

Mark as Unread

Recently, Instagram introduced read receipts to DMs. That means people can see when you open their message to you. However, if you don’t want them to know you’ve seen the message, all you have to do is hold down the message until a menu pops up where you can choose ‘Mark as Unread.’ This is also helpful if you want to remember to come back to the message later.

Vanish Mode

When you activate vanish mode, all of your messages will disappear when you close the chat (much like Snapchat). You can find the setting for vanish mode in the details of your chats. This is good to know, but usually not practical for business purposes.

Privacy Controls

Even on a business account, privacy is important. If you go to settings>privacy>message controls, you can choose who has the ability to message you and add you to groups. This makes the messaging experience customizable to you and your needs.

Unsend Messages

Unlike text messages, you have the ability to unsend direct messages on Instagram. This comes in handy for many situations: if there’s an error in your message, you can unsend it and try again.

It’s important to have a strategy on when and how to respond to DMs. How you do (or don’t) is a reflection of your business and customer service. Have questions or want someone else to handle it? Give us a call!

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