Using Messenger as a Customer Service Tool

Have you wondered how you can provide better customer service? Social media is a great way to quickly engage with your customers and address their needs and concerns. Read on to discover how Facebook Messenger can be utilized to provide valuable customer service.

The biggest benefit of Messenger is that it allows customers to communicate with you on their terms. Long over are the days of sitting on hold for an hour. Whenever customers have a question or concern they can simply hop on Facebook and message your company, receiving a timely response and constant customer service help.

Because of this ability to reach out at any time, a business must set expectations for the customer. These include:

  • Customer service response times

  • Additional contact information if there is an immediate issue

Some helpful tips to use Messenger as a customer service tool successfully:

  • Use options like setting your page as away during certain times/days to avoid upset customers expecting immediate responses. If you do not give the customer this information, they could quickly think the company is simply ignoring their concern and develop a negative brand image.

  • Assign specific messages to others who have Page Roles. The beauty of Business Manager is that you can assign certain incoming messages to others on the team to ensure that someone gets around to responding to customers in a timely manner. If there are a lot of incoming messages, it is a great strategy to divide up the private messages so that your team can avoid leaving some messages untouched for extended periods of time.

  • Add in specific information to the customer in Messenger. Providing customers with detailed answers that they would not always be able to find elsewhere, as this makes the conversation feel more personal and less like a bot. Creating specific, personable answers creates more trust between the customer and the brand.

  • Archive or save to re-engage if needed. Make sure to never delete past conversations in case you need to follow up with the customer in the future.

  • Schedule automatic Away Messages. In order to make sure that customers do not feel ignored, you can set up automated messages that send based on keywords in the customer's message.

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