What they say matters (for your content)

According to a May 2020 Omni Core agency statistic, “5 billion comments are left on Facebook each month.” Think about your business page and how many comments you manage on a daily or weekly basis. You may not be responding to billions or even hundreds of messages, but all comments count especially when it pertains to feedback on your business and customer service.

When businesses in our communities began to feel affects the COVID-19 pandemic, many took to social media for the first time or with a more aggressive effort to communicate how they were pivoting their business models to still reach their customers. Fourge Social has had the opportunity to work with many businesses, not only in our community but across the country to communicate these messages using social media.

In the wake of this temporary “new normal”, information we have published on behalf of our clients has ranged from new social distancing guidelines to inform the public about cancellations of events for the year. As you may imagine, content published to each of these social media accounts also welcomed comments from account followers, as it always has. The topic of how we respond to negative and positive feedback is a topic for another blog. The purpose of this article is to educate you on how to use page comments for the repurposing of future content to your business’s social media or other marketing.

  1. 4 or 5 ⭐️ Reviews - You can reach out to these individuals to record testimonial videos to expand on these thoughts or ask them to be an influencer for your business. Remember, you can do great virtual videos and Fourge Social knows how to produce these for your business. Just ask us!

  2. Positive comments on posts or ads or in direct messages - these can be used as testimonial posts on social media, your website or print marketing collateral

  3. Photos shared - People want to see photos and videos that are real which represent your business. When your audience shares product photos or them engaging with your service, ask permission to use these in your marketing to showcase how real customers are enjoying what you have to offer. Need more photos? Host a social media contest asking people to comment with their photos for a chance to win a prize!

Consider the above places on social media where your audience shares their thoughts with your business page. The content that is published is valuable, not only to learn about what your audience values or seeks out from you but to use their comments as new content for your marketing. If you review these points and do not feel you are receiving enough of these on your social media or are unsure of how to ask for more comments and reviews, our team can help.

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